How it works

At ABCbaby, can understand what you as an individual is going through during your pregnancy. No two pregnancies are alike and every mother to be goes through their own types of stress, pain and needs. We have done our due diligence and have found a common problem most pregnant women are having. During the process, we have found that not only have we come up with a comfortable more effective solution but we have also stumbled on multiple solutions all in the same product. Here are some of the things the pregnancy/maternity supports Belt can help with:

How pregnancy belt works to help you ?

What can it do for me?

During most pregnancies, as you progress in your pregnancy aches and pain become more apparent and annoying so why slave with a heavy purse when you have the always comfortable 3 in 1 maternity belt by your sides.

Are you tired of lugging around your cell phone, purse, cash, keys or whatever it is that takes up so much effort and tedious strength? Well ABCbaby has found the answer for you!! With the 3 in 1 Maternity Belt you no longer have to feel the need to bring unnecessary items to join you on your daily activities.

Feel secure with the elastic sports fabric that keeps everything tight and comfortable at all times. So comfortable that you will quickly forget you are wearing it at all!!

Feel hands free at all times with the convenient pockets that are perfectly placed where regular pockets would normally be. Enough room to fit any cell phone.